Harout Jekelian


Harout Jekelian (Jeghelian) has performed his unique brand of Armenian and international music  for a number of years in the San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno area, and now in Southern California. Known to Armenian and Middle Eastern audiences for his talent and blend of traditional and modern beats and songs, Harout has been featured at cultural festivals, churches, weddings and concerts.


Born in Aleppo, Syria to a family steeped in the long tradition of Armenian music, Harout has been singing and playing keyboards since he was a child. He began his professional career at the age of 19 with his own band “Arax,”  his first gig was playing to a huge crowd at the Saint Gregory Armenian Church Food Festival.


Since then, he has performed hundreds of times to critical acclaim. In addition, as a songwriter and versatile musician and vocalist, he has recorded five albums of original, traditional and Patriotic songs.


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